Line Winch needs Maintenance

My name is Ken Uber, I am the proud owner of a Super Maramu Hull #007 built in 1989
In the cockpit is a line winch that looks unique, but I have seen similar ones on other AMEL’s that were constructed before 1990.
I am seeking any advice as to where I may find some maintenance items for it, as you can see in the photos the white ring is worn.

Thanking you in anticipation

J’essaie de traduire:

Je m’appelle Ken Uber, je suis l’heureux propriétaire d’un Super Maramu Hull #007 construit en 1989
Dans le cockpit se trouve un treuil de ligne qui a l’air unique, mais j’en ai vu des similaires sur d’autres AMEL construits avant 1990.
Je cherche des conseils pour savoir où trouver des articles d’entretien, comme vous pouvez le voir sur les photos, l’anneau blanc est usé.

Merci d’avance

Yes thank you, my education did not include the range of languages that one should have. I am a friend of Google translate. and I love this site, learn so much!

My first language isn’t French either, but out of courtesy I’m translating into French to this french speaking forum using Google.
BTW an english speaking forum for Amel is:

Bonjour Eleuthera, j’ai le même système sur mon Sharki de 1989. La pièce uséee ne doit plus être fabriquée mais une fois démontée, bien prendre les mesures et donner le modèle à un tourneur qui fera cette pièce pour 10 € environ. Je viens de faire fabriquer 2 réas de bôme d’artimon pour 20 € près de mon port (Marans France)
Hello Eleuthera, I have the same system on my 1989 Sharki. The worn part should no longer be manufactured but once dismantled, take the measurements and give the model to a turner who will make this part for around €10. I have just had 2 mizzen boom sheaves made for 20 € near my port (Marans France)

Thank you very much, I will need to do this.
Also one of the two screws in the top is loose., have you had this problem as well?

Merci beaucoup, je vais devoir le faire. De plus, l’une des deux vis du haut est desserrée. Avez-vous également eu ce problème ?

Bonjour Eleuthera,
pour la vis déssérée, ça m’est arrivé, le mieux est de mettre du frein filet sur la vis avant de serrer.

Hello Eleuthera,
for the loosened screw, it happened to me, the best is to put threadlocker on the screw before tightening.

Thank you.
I have attempted to remove the winch from its location, but at this stage the screws are not moving. I am considering how to access the underside, but it looks a difficult job as I will have to remove the roof lining to get there, unless there is something else to try.
As for the loose screw, it took it out and it has actually broke about 1/2 way down. This will a challenge, but I will find a way, but first to remove the winch off its base!.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Ken Uber

Hello Eleuthera !
i never took the winch off the base. I think the base is a laminated wood block and the screws are wood screws. i think you need to use a tool as an impact driver (photo) to remove the screws from thelocation…For the broken screw i use screw extractor (after drill the screw) You find tutorial on the net.

Extracteur de vis

Christiana5, good morning,
I am asking about the line winch.
It has been a long time since I posted and you replied (thank you).
I have not yet taken the winch off the boat, the two forward screws will need to be drilled out, they are stuck.
I have had some problem with mine, initially a broken screw that holds the handle, and I think I have fixed the screw problem, I drilled out the old and tapped it with a m6 thread insert. The other screw was stripped as well, and I did the same for it.
But it now seems to move independent to the “rope jaws”, not totally but if there is pressure it will turn without turning the jaws.
It also seems to have moved upwards, such that the pin with the spring is above the hole it is supposed to go in. No idea how I have managed to do thie either.

I had tried taking the winch off the boat, but the two forward screws are stuck. The two aft screws can be loosened. I don’t want to drill out the screws if I don’t need to. So I’ve been working on it in place.

Are there any drawings that might help me understand it better? Or can you remember how these winches go together that might be able to help?

Previously to my « repairs » it was very stiff and difficult to move. After using a lot of spray lubricant it was a lot easier to move, I used the lubricant to flush away the drillings as well. which was all good until I tried puting it all back together.

I have sent an email to Amel but have not heard back from them.
If you can describe how the winch works I migght be able to sort it out.
Its a simple winch and I like it and dont want to have to replace it, but it needs to work.

Ken Uber
Williamstown, Melbourne Australia

I bit the bullet and started drilling out the offending screws.
i now have the winch off
Now to get some fine maching to put it back together again.
Photos for your ammusement.

1 « J'aime »

Envoi en cours : winchn19.jpg…

Envoi en cours : winchn21.jpg…

winch 6

winch 8

Envoi en cours : winch 9.jpg…

Envoi en cours : winch14.jpg…

@Eleuthera Ken, quel boulot!!!
C’est magnifique

Thank you, job’s not finished yet.
Have you got all your table dimensions? Im on the boat tonight and can measure etc, even facetime if you wish with ruler in hand. at my 6pm it will be your 10am ?
Ken Uber

Damn projects turn out always bigger than we initially thought. You don’t need a West Marine store next to you but a machine shop!
I am in Tunisia, where are you?
Would love to talk today so you can measure as we speak.
Will send you a Whatsapp right away.